Hello world!

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11 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Mr WordPress Says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Poem of pengins Says:

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  3. Pink Bunny Says:

    “Poems” is such a great wordpress blog name to have.
    It’s sad that it’s not being used.

  4. secretninjaarmy Says:

    YA GEEZ someone else could really use that name for something good! Someone could be changing the world….or at least somene else’s… 😦

  5. shaunik Says:

    i wish i had this domain name! especially since my site’s mainly bout poetry. sigh!

    anyways, feel free to check my site out:


  6. Jerald Newman Says:

    9 am or American democracy

    New York,

    nine A.M

    workers searching others,

    under the glasses and broken bricks,

    mexican woman,

    She is searching too,

    She knows only a few words in English,

    “Pedro i have a dinner for you, My pedro”

    She calls him,

    its hard to breath in dust,

    especially away from home.

    Police officer,

    black uniform and sunglases,

    he is searching too,

    but he is looking for her,

    who was looking for him,

    he found the woman,

    sitting on the ground,


    her tears like rain falls on the dead body,

    half woman is she,

    officer smiled,

    just like Yankees do,

    or red Irish men with white teeth.

    took her dusty white hands behind her back,

    and the head of her,

    in the blood pool,

    She felt taste of mexican blood…

    “You have right not to say anyhing”

    and right to cry?

    Sure, thats America,

    (democracy darlin’)

    Mexico City suberb,

    Children are waiting for Mom to come,

    she has just arrived home,

    and she works as never before,

    daily New Pedro and memories about an OLD one,

    daughter will become adult soon,

    her brother is older,

    they will go

    to find American Dream


    but this time in ruins of,

    Empire State Bulding.

  7. rjrodriguez18 Says:

    waste waste waste

  8. spicylizard Says:

    I have a poem blog at wordpress please got to:


  9. poetacular Says:

    Interesting and colorful. I have a poem blog. Check it out

  10. Badr Says:


  11. angiegilbert55781 Says:

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